It's Total Body Day

How to Focus on Self-Care During Unpredictable Times

There’s more to being well than just training and consuming healthy fare. Taking a complete idea of your health— nourishing your mind, body, and soul—is critical for your overall health. We like to call this self-care. Here are some of our favorite methods for practicing self-care.

Stay Connected

We may be observing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected! Arrange an online coffee date or happy hour with your friends. Keep topics cheerful and tell each other one good thing that happened to you recently. Brainstorm plans for when you can see each other again and how nice it will be to give them a big, warm hug. Together we are better and can support each other. That’s what friends are supposed to do!

Follow a Flexible Routine

Start with a schedule for your yourself but recognize the need for some flexibility. For one thing, get up around the same time every morning and get in bed around the same time every evening. Write down your intentions for the day and schedule your work projects, but give yourself some time for your daily workout, a walk around the neighborhood, or to dig into your favorite book. Don’t be too strict with your schedule that you create avoidable stress. Finding a balance between a schedule and relaxation will help you have a more useful and enjoyable day.

Practice Gratitude

Thankfulness is good for humans. The more gratitude we display to others during difficult times, the better and more resilient we become. Give others grace. One of our favorite ways to exercise gratitude is to call a loved one and tell them how much you appreciate them. A handwritten note is also a refreshing and unexpected surprise that is guaranteed to make someone’s day.

Get Outside

There’s not a thing better than spending time outdoors, breathing the fresh air. Take a break and walk with your pup every day after lunch. Say hello to your neighbors (from a good distance) and find out how they’re managing. Stand in the sunlight for a while and try taking intentional breaths—you will feel so much better!

Find Joy

Just because we can’t go out for a meal at our local favorites doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy meal time! Create a new method for dinner and make your meals count. Dance to your favorite song, get the kids in on it, and have some fun with it!

A Self-Care Staycation

Your thoughts affects your daily life and affects your actions. And during these strange times, it’s even more crucial to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s take this opportunity to work on healthy routines and rise out of this quarantine healthier and happier!

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